Vision for 2023!

Ah, January.

The gym membership and weight loss program commercials are everywhere. It’s easy to get spun up in the desire for big change. After we set down the last of the egg nog and put away the holiday decorations, many of us began planning our new year’s resolutions or, as they have become for many of us, “the two-week plan to completely change my life.”

It doesn’t have to be that way. What if you could put in motion a reasonable, inspirational plan to achieve your 2023 goals? Instead of the stereotypical, harsh “Lose 20 pounds by Valentine’s Day,” “Save X thousands of dollars by March,” or “Move into my dream home by April,” why not set yourself up for success with an upbeat and positive vision for what’s possible?

The Intelligent Real Estate team recently set out to do just that. We each crafted a vision board, visually representing our dreams and goals for the year. What’s a vision board? According to, it’s:

a collage of pictures, text, and other items that represent and affirm one’s dreams and ambitions, created to help visualize and focus on one or more specific aspirations.

While those standard new year’s resolutions can become a stick to beat ourselves over the head with when we come up short, a vision board is a constant and gentle reminder that we aspire to something better. It serves as a carrot, not a stick—and keeps us motivated over time.

A lot longer than two weeks.

Take some time to set up your own vision board. What do you aspire to achieve or experience this year? If you have fitness goals, find pictures (from magazines or online) that show what you want to look like. For your financial goals, select images that showcase the results of investments or savings. And if you’re dreaming about that new home—whether it’s a downsized cottage or a larger home for your growing family—find images that support that aspiration. You can add a map of a particular neighborhood, photos of homes (check out our website for inspiration!), and even add swatches of fabric or paint chips as you dream about decorating that perfect space.

When your vision board is complete, place it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Instead of becoming the treadmill that you use for two weeks and then convert to a place to drape towels, it can become the guiding light for your year.

For an easy vision board template, check out Or just hit up your local Michaels and go to town with posterboard, glue, and other craft materials. There are no rules—these is your vision!

If part of your 2023 vision is finding your home in Austin, give us a call. Intelligent Real Estate always appreciates your support and we’re delighted to work with you. Let us help you find the perfect home and make your dreams come true!




About the Author

With over 20 years of experience in real estate, Anne-Marie is the quintessential partner. She couples rock-solid negotiation skills with deep empathy for her clients, and she brings that same commitment to partnering with her agents.

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Knowing that every agent and every deal deserves a customized approach, Anne-Marie provides professional, creative marketing strategies, tailored to meet the needs of each agent and opportunity. She is passionate about building a brokerage that genuinely meets the needs of both agents and clients.

Anne-Marie has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Public Relations from Louisiana State University. She maintains several real estate certifications, notably the CRS© (Certified Residential Specialist), a designation retained by the top 3% of realtors across the country, and the Million Dollar Guild-Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, recognizing her upper-tier expertise in the luxury ($1M and above) home market.

Family comes first with Anne-Marie. She and Craig have been married for 21 years, and together they are the proud parents of two busy daughters, Mary Hadley (15), and Emma Rose (12).

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