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With over 12,000 realtors in the Austin area, it’s easy to find someone to help you buy or sell a home. But selecting the right realtor—someone who ensures your needs are recognized, understood, and met every step of the way? That’s far more difficult. You can find a realtor who just wants a big pay off or an agent who cares but can’t close the deal. How do you find the agent who meets your particular needs?

Enter Intelligent Real Estate.

In 2014, Anne-Marie was determined. After nearly 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, she knew there was a better way to buy and sell homes, a way that elegantly combined a personal touch with a rigorous commitment to deals that met her clients’ expectations. With her Southern charm and a fierce resolve, Anne-Marie founded Intelligent Real Estate, a boutique brokerage committed to both the hard skills and soft skills that would transform the client experience.

At Intelligent Real Estate, we don’t just consider the transaction. Instead, we’re driven by people.  We thrive on the success of our clients, and we hand pick agents with the same philosophy. We stay purposely and purposefully small in order to maximize our time and effectiveness with clients, while never sacrificing any of the amenities ordinarily associated with large firms.

Our agents have deep market knowledge. We have a wealth of experience and abiding ties to our beautiful central Texas geography, so we know the intricacies and nuances of the Austin area: the neighborhoods, culture, and schools…the growth rates and infrastructure development…the business and technology climate. And we have personal experience with an abundance of things to do in this very desirable city. Wondering what’s going on this weekend? Just ask us! 

But we’re not only about fun. We have rock-solid negotiation skills, and are able to deliver the very best results for our clients, whether they are buyers and sellers. We know when to say no, and when to walk away from a property that just isn’t right. Intelligent Real Estate agents have access to an extensive network of resources in the area, from contractors and inspectors to title professionals, lenders, insurance agents, and attorneys. 

It’s the ultimate in real estate IQ.

But real estate isn’t just about the head. Negotiating a great deal is only part of the equation when you are buying or selling a home. The emotional quotient—the EQ—determines the real customer experience. 

You’ll find nothing but genuine hospitality from our agents. We truly get it: buying or selling a home is an intensely emotional experience, and we never neglect the friendly touches that make it easier. You’ll find Intelligent Real Estate agents to be resourceful, dependable, and caring—always with a smile, a hug, or a shoulder for those tough days. And we’ll be there to high five you on the good ones! 

When it comes to staging a home, finessing a deal, or finding ways around unexpected challenges, you’ll find Intelligent Real Estate agents to be tenaciously creative. We won’t stop until our customers are completely satisfied. 

Anne-Marie knew there was a better way to meet client needs. With Intelligent Real Estate, you’ll see and feel the difference from your first meeting. Our agents have bought and sold hundreds of properties, from starter homes to multi-million dollar luxury estates. Intelligent Real Estate sellers achieve over 99% of their asking price, and buyers rave about their experience finding just the right home for just the right price.


Intelligent Real Estate:

It’s the perfect juxtaposition of head and heart, where IQ plus EQ equals your success!

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We have a wealth of experience in and abiding ties to our beautiful city.

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We employ predictive analytics based on monitoring real-time data.

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You’ll find nothing but genuine hospitality from our agents.

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