How to File Your Homestead Exemption in 2021

It’s that time for all new homeowners (anyone who purchased a home in 2020) to complete and submit their Homestead Exemption application.  The deadline for filing is April 30th!

To apply, complete, and submit an application with the county of your principle residence.  Some counties now offer the option to complete an online application that helps to pre-fill data from county records saving you time, providing you an immediate confirmation, and faster processing.  Or you can always complete a paper application and apply by mail.

Check out below the links to the homestead exemption applications for several counties in the greater Austin area.

Include a copy of your Texas Driver’s License or State-Issued Identification Card with your new address, and be sure that all documents submitted reflect the homestead property address in order to qualify for the exemption.

For more FAQ check out this PDF from Austin Title: Homestead-Exemption

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I am the broker/owner of Intelligent Real Estate.