American Dream TV Partners with Intelligent Real Estate

Several months ago, American Dream TV contacted Anne-Marie Cancienne about becoming a host for their new series, Selling Texas.  It was an opportunity to showcase our fabulous neighborhoods, homes, unique businesses and lifestyles to a nationwide audience and Anne-Marie jumped at the opportunity.

“I love the chance to explore the different facets of the Austin metro area,” says Anne-Marie. “To brag a bit about the businesses, the best interac casinos, the people, the homes, and the lifestyle here is a lot of fun.” In each episode, she takes viewers through some of the most remarkable lifestyles and meets fascinating people.

We have had the absolute best time showcasing the Texas Hill Country these last few episodes.  One of the best things about our fair city is the ability to live both indoors and outdoors, nearly year-round. Each episode we have filmed for Selling Texas spotlights this unique feature of the hill country experience. Al fresco living, or “in the open air,” perfectly describes the Austin lifestyle. The ability to comfortably enjoy evenings outdoors is just one more reason people are flocking to Austin.

If you are interested in having your home or business featured on Selling Texas, we would love to help make a positive impact on our city together!  Being a guest is very casual and our videographer is incredible.  Our editors are world class and make us all look great!

Make sure to tune into the CW (KNVA) Austin THIS Sunday, May 22, at 7:00AM CST to watch the latest full episode of Selling Texas, where Anne-Marie learns the history behind a unique feature in the community of Lakeway and sees Austin from the sky.  Click here for a teaser and to catch all our aired segments you may have missed.

Once each episode airs on cable, it will then be released for you to stream on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Roku.  Here are the links about where you can download the app to watch the show on any of the platforms.  You will need to have the Apple TV (little black box), a Roku device, or an Amazon Fire TV compatible device. Search for The American Dream Network TV.

As always, thank you for your support and don’t forget to let us know if you have a business or home you’d like to have featured in a future episode of Selling Texas.  You or someone you know could be the next star of the show!